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Vessel Modification and Repair

Process vessels face many adverse conditions. Buffer solutions, cleaning products, and upset conditions can sometimes cause damages that are sometimes much more than cosmetic imperfections. Vessels can corrode leaving deep surface pits not repairable through typical polishing methods due to their depth and can bring equipment integrity into question. Additionally, welds can crack, or perhaps even a new configuration of fittings may be required. Throughout the years, UltraClean Electropolish Inc. has developed relationships with many qualified organizations with decades of experience in repair and modification services.

Once UltraClean personnel are on site, should the need arise for weld repair, our strategic partnerships allow us the ability to reach out to obtain qualified repairs or even modifications as needed, and all are in accordance with ASME codes and can be provided with a full documentation package.

The integrity of your equipment is our utmost consideration.  You can count on our experienced crews to identify areas of concern and should the need arise, you can count on us to get the needed repairs or even modifications to meet your needs.