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UltraClean Electropolish, Incorporated Locations

Houston, TX

Electropolish, Inc.

1814 Sunny Drive
Houston, Texas 77093

T 281 442 2208
F 281 442 2209

Located in North Houston Texas UltraClean Electropolish operates a 6,000 square foot overhead crane served facility capable of performing:Mechanical Polishing – using various forms of abrasives and grinding and polishing tools (including unique adaptations) mechanical polishing is the primary method for meeting a required surface roughness (Ra) on a metallic surface.

Passivation – per ASTM A-380 includes a pre-cleaning part to remove residue from manufacturing followed by a nitric acid or citric acid exposure for the purpose of removing any free iron from the surface and allowing a chromium enriched oxide surface to form which provides optimum corrosion resistance for the surface finish.

Pickling – using concentrated acid pickling removes heat scale, weld scale, heat discoloration from stainless steel alloys.

Electropolishing – an electrochemical process that smooths and levels metallic surfaces to a degree only comparable to a lapped finish which is provided using extremely fine diamond particles in a slurry form such as is used in preparation of laboratory metallurgical samples and on precision gage blocks.

Electrochemical Cleaning (ECC)SM – the use of electropolishing techniques to remove rouge, stains, product residue, and grey residue common on mechanically polished stainless steel surfaces.

Electrochemical Passivation – per ASTM B-912 uses electropolishing techniques to simultaneously remove surface contamination from manufacturing and forming a chromium rich oxide surface that when properly rinsed and allowed to dry provides a passivated state equal to or in some cases superior to conventional passivation methods.

These services are routinely performed on; Piping & Tubular Products, Fabricated equipment, Process vessels, High purity process components, Heat Exchangers, Precision machined parts, Vacuum Equipment