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The Leader in On-Site Derouging, Passivation and Electropolishing

UltraClean Electropolish, Inc. specializes in field mechanical polishing, electropolishing, and electrochemical cleaning of many different types of equipment. We also offer derouging and passivation services using the latest pH neutral, residue free chemistry offered exclusively from Ultraclean. Our procedures for all services are recognized by and in compliance with the ASME-BPE standards.

Our Services Our service technicians are the most experienced in the industry for field remediation.

(a.k.a. ElectroChemical Passivation)
The best choice for removing product residue or Type 3 rouge when CIP or other conventional techniques are not successful. Electrochemical cleaning can also provide an outstanding passivation post treatment.

Electropolishing including ECC is recognized as an acceptable passivation technique per ASTM B912

Electropolishing offers optimal corrosion resistance, resistance to rouge and bio-film formation, cleanability and brand new product contact surface.

Ultraclean field technicians can perform onsite complete vessel remediation achieving a like new surface condition and improving corrosion resistance or Spot Electropolishing for refinishing damaged factory electropolished equipment as well as any welded areas (baffles, valves, etc.) to match surrounding finish.

Utilizing our certified and ECO friendly residue free and pH Neutral cleaning solution Diruneutra/Dirupure, we can reliably remove rouge from stainless steel surfaces by decomposing iron oxides using a targeted approach.

Cleaning with Diruneutra/Dirupure is safer and eliminates all risk associated with the derouging process, and the job more cost-efficient and is completed in a fraction of the time when compared to conventional acid procedure methods.

Pharmacade is a safe and easy way to clean the exterior surfaces of your stainless-steel equipment. Rust is quickly removed and no mess is left behind. Clean room friendly, Pharmacade leaves no hazardous waste, is safe to use, has no smell and is no danger to employees.

We have perfected mechanical polishing to eliminate grind lines and directional sanding lines when removing damage to equipment surfaces.

Damage that can be repaired includes corrosion damage, agitator damage and deep scratches and gouges from years in service.

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