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Inspection/FAT Services

Integrity Inspection Services
You take care of your health through regular checkups, shouldn’t your equipment, which is the heart of your facility receive the same care and concern? UltraClean Electropolish Inc. experienced personnel can evaluate the  product contact surfaces condition of your equipment and identify any areas of concern and help develop a preventative maintenance program prior to any unexpected failures. This can help to minimize corrosion failures, and identify problems that may cause product contamination. Preventative maintenance inspections are the best way to help minimize downtime and production stoppage. Schedule a check-up today by calling 877-823-7911.

Vessel Factory Acceptance Tests
Prior to equipment leaving the manufacturers facility many clients want to make sure their new equipment operates as intended and meets the design criteria, as well as verify that all specifications and contractual requirements have been met. Our FAT services will insure that vessels meet the following criteria prior to leaving the manufacturer’s facility.

• Certified drawing verification
• Verify all dimensions and orientations of fittings and structural components
• Verify surface finish measurements
• Witness complete drainabilty
• Witness riboflavin testing for cleanability
• Verify all required testing documentation is present
• Review supplier technical data sheets

A complete FAT protocol will be provided identifying acceptance or any discrepancies identified.