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Field Remediation

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Field Service: UltraClean Electropolish Inc. specializes in on site (in situ) equipment remediation services.

Our crews have performed hundreds of individual on site field jobs which have included one or more of our services shown below resulting in the remediation of thousands of separate pieces of equipment.

Customers rave about the work ethic and dedication to their craft our crew’s exhibit. But most importantly, with no lost time accidents, our safety practices and safety record is indisputably one of the best in our profession.

Our crew Supervisors are comprised of persons with over fifteen years industry experience each.

All crew members are annually trained in Confined Space Entry with all necessary safety training in practices required for a safe and efficient project. If required we can also provide on-site project engineering and confined space rescue teams to compliment our crews.

Services Offered:

Utilizing our proprietary hand tool technology, we can perform in situ electropolishing of a complete vessel or spot electropolishing for refinishing damaged factory electropolished surfaces on vessels, baffles, valves, and a host of other equipment.

Electrochemical Cleaning (ECC)SM
An alternative process to conventional passivation and CIP treatments, our trademarked ECC process is effective at removing stains, rouge, and even grey residue that cannot be removed using conventional chemical cleaning techniques. This process is also referred to as ElectroChemical Passivation and along with electropolishing is recognized as an acceptable form of passivation per ASTM B 912.

Mechanical Polishing
A sanding process using hand held power equipment and various forms of abrasives to remove scratches, gouges, and corrosion damage. In accordance with the ASME-BPE, UltraClean will never use polishing or buffing compounds to achieve a required finish.

Applications: Damaged, repaired, stained, or never before electropolished
equipment can be electropolished or electrochemically cleaned in place.
Pressure Vessels
Heat Exchangers
Process Equipment
Component Parts

UltraClean Electropolish Inc. offers our state-of-the-art services at any facility worldwide. Our proprietary process allows electropolishing to be performed on any surface accessible to our unique hand tool electropolish process. Call today for more information.