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Derouging Before and After


Stainless steel is an iron based alloy with the most common 316L stainless steel containing approximately 64% iron. Stainless steel achieves corrosion resistance due to an ultra‐thin, protective layer rich with chromium‐oxide on the surface. In everyday use, this thin protective layer is constantly exposed to a variety of influences, particularly in pharmaceutical applications containing high chlorides. Chloride Ions are very harmful to stainless steel. Chlorides will react with the chromium oxide in the passive layer to form chromium chloride which is very soluble. The remaining layer is rich with iron and iron nickel which will turn rust‐ colored and eventually lead to corrosion if left untreated. The typical treatment for removal of these iron oxides has been removal by high-concentrated acids. Though simple and effective, the handling and disposal of the acids is anything but simple.
Modern procedures are increasingly forgoing the use of caustic, acidic or similarly hazardous substances. With the introduction of “Diruneutra” developed by Ateco Services AG, Rheinfelden, and solely distributed in the United States by UltraClean Electropolish Inc., this patented neutral pH and residue free derouging agent makes the cleaning process safer, the disposal simpler, start-ups faster, and overall is more cost effective than traditional acid solutions.

The Diruneutra product only targets and decomposes iron oxides and neither etches chromium or nickel and leaves an intact production system surface. By monitoring the iron content in solution, the cleaning process is complete when the Fe content reaches a stable value after a certain period. The typical treatment period is one to four hours at 70 to 80° C. The completed solution has a neutral pH-value of 7, is void of heavy metals, and therefore can be easily disposed of down drain with no neutralization.
For more detailed information on RESIDUE FREE Ph NEUTRAL derouging, review the information located under the SERVICES tab / PASSIVATION / RESIDUE FREE pH NEUTRAL (PATENT US 8,192,550,B2)Visit our Literature section to download a PDF of the Diruneatra product sheets. For further discussion contact our offices at 281-442-2208.

Diruneutra in Action – see it here
Fast Acting, pH Neutral, Residue Free derouging