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UltraClean Electropolish, Incorporated was founded by Mr. R.K. (Keith) Raney and began operation in July of 2000.

With nearly forty years experience in the electropolish industry, The Raney family has been credited with many of the processes developed and utilized in the industry today. Prior to the start of UltraClean, Mr. Raney’s roots have been far reaching into electropolishing history:

  • In 1975, The Raney family started the first electropolish facility in the southern U.S. From this humble beginnings, Houston TX. has become the electropolish capitol of the country with no fewer than 5 separate companies having sprung from this original and providing electropolish services.
  • Many of the major vessel and component manufactures in the U.S. have used consultation services provided by UltraClean with establishing their own in-house electropolish capabilities.

UltraClean Electropolish Inc. specializes in on site or “in situ” electropolish. UCEP has also perfected the spot electropolish process where any equipment surface accessible to the process can be repaired to match or exceed factory electropolish finishes. Since its inception UltraClean crews have performed hundreds of separate on site “field jobs” remediating thousands of individual vessels, tanks, autoclaves, filter housings, heat exchangers, sterilizer carts, and related equipment. UltraClean Electropolish Inc. services a wide range of industries.

  • Bio-Pharmacutical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semi-conductor
  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical

We at UltraClean are dedicated to improving the industries we serve and are heavily involved in the ASME BPE Standards Committee, where our knowledge and expertise is being used to develop industry standards for electropolishing, passivation, rouge and material guidelines.