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Material Selection

Synopsis A look at materials of construction, the different alloying elements, their purposes of use and the seven steps in picking the right alloy for construction. Overview: 2-3 hours | In-depth Seminar: 7-8 hours.

“It’s stainless steel, it shouldn’t rust.”

This is often the kind of statements heard from individuals when discussing a failure of process piping or equipment. This is also an indication of how little is actually understood about stainless steel and the applications where it is used. For years the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries have used stainless steels in their process piping systems. Most of the time stainless steel components provide satisfactory results, but occasionally a catastrophic failure will occur.

In order to understand proper materials of selection, it’s important to understand what causes failures. Our material selection seminar can be given as an overview in as little as 2-3 hours or can be an all day event utilizing many well known industry leaders who understand corrosion, welding, alloy alternatives and surface finish capabilities offering open forum educational venue based on scientific data.

Our all day Material Selection Seminar offers 5 continuing education credits from Missouri State University and focuses on:

1. Five Forms of Corrosion
General Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion: Pitting; Crevice
Intergranular Corrosion
Stress Corrosion Cracking

2. Stainless Steel – What is it?
What makes Stainless Steel
What makes Stainless Steel corrosion resistant?
Material rankings by Molybdenum content and PREN* Number

3. Material Selection
Seven (7) steps in selecting the proper alloy

4. Surface Finish for Stainless Steel and Higher Alloys
How good is RA?
How Electropolish works
Optimizing Surfaces
Rouge/Bacteria control

5. Field Remediation
Electro-chemical cleaning
On-site electropolishing

Contact us today to at 877-823-7911 to discuss your specific needs, pricing and scheduling for this well received program.