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Ask the Masters

Keith Raney
President, UltraClean Electropolish Inc. – master electropolisher

Keith Raney, with over thirty years of applied experience in the electropolishing industry is truly one of the pioneers of the process and its application. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, he has invented and developed many of the techniques and methods used today as well as trained scores of others in the process, both as an employer and consultant. In 1975, the Raney family, founded the very first electropolishing service company in the southern United States. Keith is an active member of ASME, where he serves as a member of the Surface Finish sub-committee of the ASME BioProcessing Standard committee.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming has stated, “It takes thirty years to be a Master”. Combining Keith’s comprehensive experience, established confidence and expertise as well as his extraordinary salesmanship, not only makes him a Master Electropolisher, but the foundation of the UltraClean Team.

If you have a specific surface finish problem or question pertaining to electropolishing, send Keith a question.

Hira Ahluwalia
President, Material Selection Resources

Dr. Ahluwalia has extensive experience in the field of corrosion and material science and has published numerous technical papers. His areas of expertise include material selection, corrosion testing, metallurgy, and failure analysis. He has a Ph.D. in materials and corrosion engineering from Newcastle University, United Kingdom. A 20-year ASM and NACE member, Ahluwalia is a Program Coordinator of the NACE Technical Coordination Committee and is a member of the Annual Conference Program Committee. He is also a Nickel Development Institute (NiDi) consultant and Materials Technology Institute (MTI) consultant.  If you have any questions  regarding metallurgy, material selection, or corrosion failures, send Dr. Metals a question.

Ken Kimbrel
Vice President, UltraClean Electropolish Inc.

Ken Kimbrel has many years of practical experience in the field of corrosion and material selection for higher alloys and has published many technical papers.  Ken was the inaugural chair of the ASME-BPE Metallic Materials section and is currently serving as chair of the ASME-BPE Surface Finish sub-committee.  If you have any questions regarding, corrosion, materials of construction or any that may pertain to the ASME-BPE standard, send Ken a question.
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